Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Occupy Seattle is once again asking for everyone who can to join them:

Saturday, October 29th

12:00 Noon

Chase Bank Robin Hood March & Teach-In


As you may know, two days ago, Oakland (CA) police attacked Occupy Oakland with tear gas and clubs.  A decorated Iraq veteran, with two tours of duty with the Marines, was badly injured, requiring brain surgery.  Labor throughout the country, led by the AFL-CIO (and locally by the Washington State Labor Council and the Martin Luther King County Labor Council) are rallying to support the creative and courageous young people of the Occupy movement.  Our Local has, I believe, had quite literally the strongest participation of any Union in Seattle.  If you can make it on Saturday, please wear your colors – Local 15 jackets, caps, shirts buttons or signs.

In addition, Occupy Seattle will have an “Occupy Hallowe’en” event on Sunday.  They need pumpkins, carving tools and tea candles for jack o’lanterns.  If you can help with donations of these supplies or of food, water and other necessities, please call Max Brown at the Labor Council, 206-441-7102.

Finally, there will be a meeting of the Labor Caucus of Occupy Seattle at 6:00 pm this Wednesday, November 2nd in the Seattle Labor Temple, 2800 1st Avenue. Everyone is welcome.

In solidarity,