Changes to Availablility Reporting


Effective January 23, 2015, workers can no longer submit their weekly availability via e-mail.

Effective March 6, 2015,  all workers will submit their weekly availability via the Online Availability Form that was first rolled out in August 2014.

For more specific information about these recent availability policy changes, workers should log in to the Backstage or read the January Cue Sheet which has been mailed.  If you don’t already have access to the Backstage, request an invite from web (at)

With approximately 800 people on the Local’s work lists, this new policy will help Dispatch save time and money!

Website changes coming…

Changes are imminent for and the Backstage area.  After a lengthy discussion during the last Executive Board meeting, the following are some of the changes that have been recommended to be implemented on the sites. will focus on being the public face of IATSE Local 15 with content aimed at answering questions for our clients and folks looking for information on how to join.  A Merchandise page, FAQ page and Job Postings page will be added soon.  The Toolbox area, Cue Sheet Archive and any News for Members and Permit Workers will move Backstage.

Members and Permit Workers are encouraged to login Backstage to find out what further changes are being proposed.   If you are a Member or Permit Worker who still doesn’t have Backstage access, please send an email to web(at) to request an invitation to get an account.

Please come to the monthly membership meeting next Monday, February 7, 2011 at 5:30pm to share any comments or concerns you might have, or you can send an email to the address listed above with your comments if you are unable to attend.

photo by Luc Viatour

photo by Luc Viatour

Upcoming Changes Backstage

Last night at the August Membership meeting the Body voted to officially consolidate the Backstage with the Official website.  Local 15 will pay the monthly fee that Ning is going to start charging.  We may still keep an eye out for another provider to migrate the Backstage to in the future, but for the time being we are taking the path of least resistance and staying put with

What kinds of changes exactly?
This will bring about some changes to the site from how it is currently set up.  We will be introducing some policies for usage of the site by the members and staff to address civility issues.  Forums will become moderated (volunteers for moderators anyone?).  Groups unrelated to work or IATSE will more than likely go away pending review.  (Personal pages?  Not sure.)  Amendments to the site as suggested by the web survey results will be implemented.

When is this going to happen?
What this means is that sometime in the near future the Backstage will be closed for maintenance.  Probably on August 20th, 2010, and probably for a couple of weeks, but that isn’t quite clear yet.  So if there is any stuff you want to download off the site you might want to grab it soon, before it possibly goes away.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I did make a backup of all the data stored here as of July 28th, 2010.  The files comprise 1.95 gigabytes of storage space.  If you would like a dvd copy of these files please get in touch with me and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks everyone for bearing with us as we make these changes!!!

respectfully submitted,
Brian Foley
on behalf of the Web Committee and Executive Board

Backstage Web Survey

Backstage Users – Help decide the fate of the Backstage! You should have recieved an email with a link to the survey. Please take the time to fill it out. If you didn’t get the email, check in on the Backstage to get the link. Thanks!

Welcome to 2010!!!

2010 is starting out BIG!  In more ways than one…

First off, we have a new Business Representative, Mr. Paul Bigman, who will be gradually taking over duties from Mr. Bill Wickline in the upcoming months.  Mr. Wickline will be entering retirement just in time for Major League Baseball spring training most likely.  Mr. Bigman’s email will be stagerep(at) and he can be reached by phone at (206) 604-8242.

Secondly, the look and feel of the website is getting a facelift yet again.  The new look includes some features new to the site, such as allowing for following Local 15’s Twitter account, commenting on select pages, site searching, and the long sought after ability to Log In (although exactly how this will be used or what it will be used for is as yet undetermined at this time).  A FAQ page is in the works.  Feel free to sign up and register to the site in order to better utilize potential new developments as they get developed and installed.

And last but not least, our new phone system is finally getting installed this week!  Betsy will believe it when she sees it.

Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see by using the comments or via email. Maybe you’ll even “Bleckov” yourself into writing a page or two for your brothers and sisters of the Local.

Website Update

If you have ever visited the IATSE Local 15 website before, then you might notice that something has changed here.  Ever a work-in-progress, the Website Committee is in the midst of updating and upgrading the Local’s website.  We are now finally approaching Web 2.0 folks.

This site is now using WordPress as a management system for the website.  The implications are rather enormous – this means hopefully less work for the webmaster by simplifying the process of adding information to the site.  As we get the hang of it, communications between the Officers and the Membership should speed up and improve.  There is still a learning curve to climb and lots to learn about how to master the powerful tools we’re starting to use.

Of course if you see something you might like to help us change, or have any mad website, writing or photoshop chops you can share with us, please feel free to write us at: web (at) .  We can always use some help.

Watch for ongoing changes in the coming days, weeks and months.

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