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Available here in the Tool Box are some links we hope you will find useful: maybe even help you get to work on time, figure out what gigs are coming up, find the venue you’re looking for, save you a trip to the Office to get a form or perhaps help you find that elusive full-time gig.

The Tool Box is open to new ideas.  What would you like to see added to the Toolbox or included here on the website?   Are you willing to help create the content for those things you would like to see added?  Please make your comments in the space available below.

There is a new area in the toolbox.  Click here to check your health and welfare hours.

Currently there are tabs for the Dispatch CalendarOfficial Forms, the Venue MapSeattle Vicinity Traffic, Greg Z’s cool Traffic Scraper, and a yet to be utilized link to Google Docs.  Here is the link to WC Earhart.

There are also a few miscellaneous tools for AV/Powerpoint/Computer gigs here.

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