Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare Benefits

For most Local 15 contracts, medical, dental, and group life insurance is provided to eligible workers through the Theatrical Stage Employees Health and Welfare Trust . In order to become eligible, workers must accumulate a total of 180 hours of covered employment (under Union contract), within a two consecutive month period. The Trust Administrator will mail enrollment forms to individuals upon eligibility. Coverage begins the first day of the month following eligibility and continues as long as there is 90 hours of covered employment per month on average. If eligibility is lost due to lack of employment, workers have the right to continue coverage through self-payment of the premium for up to 18 months (COBRA). Self-payment will maintain eligibility so when a worker reaches 180 hours in his/her hour bank, coverage will be automatically reinstated. Failure to self-pay will result in loss of eligibility, which will require the individual to requalify for coverage (180 hours in two months). Trust provided coverage is individual only, spouse and dependent coverage require additional premiums. Questions should be directed to a Health and Welfare Trustee or the Trust Administrator.  More information can be found here:

Most Local 15 employers participate in the Western Employees Benefit Trust. This is a self-directed, defined contribution plan, which is administered by Employee Benefits. The plan also has a 401K component, which allows workers to contribute a percentage of pre-tax wages. (See your tax or financial advisor for any additional legal requirements/limitations.) Not all employers participate in the 401K component, which requires payroll deductions. Workers are 100% vested in the plan with their first contribution and may direct or change the investment of their contributions within funds available through the Trust. Enrollment information and forms are included in the new worker packet and in the Local 15 office. Additional information on withdrawals, rollovers and transfers is available from the Retirement Board or the Administrator.  To access your Western Employees Benefit Trust account call this phone number, (800) 524-4852, or visit this website:

As a Local 15 worker, you can sign up for unemployment if you have been laid off. You must call in as available for the week you are making a claim. Submitting a claim for any period during which you turned down work or were unavailable is FRAUD.

When you sign up for unemployment, you should not list Local 15 as your employer. If you file for unemployment after having worked for a company that has their paychecks issued by the Trustees for Stage Employees, please be sure to write the Employer down as Trustees for Stage Employees, 200 1st Ave W. #302 Seattle WA 98119. NEVER put IATSE Local 15 down as your employer. We do not issue your paychecks or send you W-2’s.

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