New to the Industry? New to the Area?

Want to hire on with Local No.15?

Local No.15 operates a hiring hall for the purpose of dispatching workers to job sites. Our hiring hall offers work as available to eligible workers according to their position on the dispatch list. The entry level list is called the F List.

Getting on the F List

The F List is composed of new applicants who

  • pass the F List Qualifying Test; or
  • present proof of at least three years employment in the industry or an accredited technical theatre program (applicants who meet the criteria above are then given an interview with the Board of Examiners).

Applicants must demonstrate the ability to lift 50 pounds, and possess the ability to lift 32 lbs. overhead.

If you are interested in taking the F List Qualifying Test, send an e-mail or resume expressing your interest to The e-mail (or resume) needs to list:

  • your relevant work experience;
  • dates of relevant work history with each employer;
  • your current contact information.

Alternatively, a hardcopy of your resume and cover letter can be sent via snailmail to:

Board of Examiners
IATSE Local No.15
2800 1st Ave Suite 213
Seattle, WA 98121

In accordance with Washington State Law, all workers must be at least 18 years of age to engage in gainful employment within the jurisdiction of this Local.

Are you currently a member of another IATSE Local?

Contact the Local No.15 Board of Examiners at

Where does Local No.15 work?

Click here to see a partial list of Local No.15 employers and venues.

What can Local No.15 do for you?

  • We represent you in the workplace
  • We keep you informed
  • We support fair labor legislation
  • We act in your interest with the community
  • We provide professional training opportunities
  • We provide for your long term job security in the regional industry
  • We give you an opportunity to join a democratic, member-run organization

Did you know that American union workers earn roughly 30% more than their non-union counterparts? IATSE Local No.15 helps employers create a more stable, productive workforce – one where workers have a say in job conditions. Working together, Local No.15 and its employers offer a better quality of life for you and your family.

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